Our Mission at the Early Learning Centre is to provide high quality childcare and community support services for the residents of our community. Our programs nurture individual learning development through a variety of activities that stimulate the following:
• Curiosity and creativity
• Self-esteem and decision-making
• Interaction and respect for others
• Gross and fine motor development
• Good health and nutrition
• Peace and appreciation of differences

This is provided in warm, caring and safe atmospheres through play experiences and the guidance of trained and experienced staff. Our commitment embodies respect and support for our families and staff utilizing our services. Through the collaborative efforts of parents, staff, board members and community partners, opportunities for optimal growth in al areas of development are provided for every child.

Our core strategy is the pursuit of quality in all that we do. Effective communication, mutual respect, community involvement and the studied evaluation of current childcare practices are integral components of our organization. Critical to the success of the Early Learning Centre is our ability to attract and retain professional, experienced staff by supporting their continued professional development and to actively involve them in the overall operations.